Loaner Tanks and Equipment

For commercial and farm accounts, with enough fuel volume, Monroe Oil Company will supply tanks and pumps with or without meters, hoses and nozzles all at no cost to you.

Also, if the equipment fails for any reason, you can call us to replace the equipment at no cost to you.

Bulk Oil, Lube, and Fuel Delivery

Monroe Oil Company carries a full line of lubricants from case goods to drums and bulk.

We specialize in giving our customers the best service around. We service and supply lubricants to customers that have truck fleets, farms, construction equipment, industrial plants and quick lubes. We carry products from Shell, Exxon/Mobil, Pennzoil, Castro, Havoline, Coastal and Warren.

If you need a product we can get it for you. We also carry bulk and packaged DEF fluid (diesel exhaust fluid) from TerraCair, one of the largest manufacturers of DEF in the country.

Tank Monitoring Systems

Monroe Oil Company now offers the wireless fuel monitoring system... no more running out!

Tank monitoring system provides an effective accurate tank measurement that Monroe Oil Company checks online in the morning and afternoon to keep a check on fuel to prevent you from running out of fuel, which means less worrying for you.

Monroe Oil tank monitoring system requires no power, no phone lines so there is no installation cost. Within minutes Monroe OIl Company can check the tank monitors installed on your tanks and get an accurate reading of your fuel that afternoon.

This means no more unnecessary deliveries and you will never run out of fuel!

Dealer Program

Monroe Oil Company can supply dealers/wholesale accounts with gasoline from BP, Citgo, Pure or Liberty branded or unbranded.

Monroe Oil Company is your choice for dependable service and very competitive prices. Call us today and let us show you that you are #1. We are proud to say that we have been serving Union County and surrounding counties for over 60 years.

Monroe Oil Company Fleet Card

Monroe Oil Company has a fleet card service that keeps track of your purchases at our stores. The card service keeps track of purchases made at the stores, from gas to inside purchases. Each month Monroe Oil Company sends you a bill for your monthly purchases which breaks down your monthly gas purchases, store purchases, taxes and gallons by vehicle by person.

Ethanol Free Gas

Need ethanol free gasoline for your boat or small engines? Monroe Oil Company provides it at the four locations below.

BP #21


BP #1


BP #18

  • ETT ENTERPRISES LLC 7805 Idlewild Road Indian Trail NC 28079
  • (704) 882-1359


Amoco #104

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We look forward to discussing our solutions with you further.

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